Customize your book trailer video

October 18, 2023

Customizing Animation Effects

Do you want to refine your animated book trailer yourself? offers a plethora of animation effects to choose from. Authors can experiment with effects such as animation styles like 2D animation, cartoon, caricature, origami style, sticker style, black and white style. Creating the right mood for your book trailer or chapter trailer is important. Think about the difference between a joyful or a sad mood of the video, an energetic techno party mood or a nice historic 18th century style romantic mood. What a difference it makes! Try it out! You can choose any of these styles and moods while you are chatting about your video and see it for yourself, which result suits your book and your readers the most. It is an experiment just like creating your book. You know your book the best, so you choose the best style and mood for it! It is your baby!

It's essential to align the chosen animation effect with the tone and genre of your book. For example, a thriller novel might benefit from a mysterious fade-in, while a children's book might be more suitable for playful zooming effects. Either way, keep experimenting and test it with your audience. Their feedback holds so much important information to you!

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