It's done: we incorporated!

February 21, 2019

First, we had a vision.

Then, our vision turned into an idea.

Then, the idea matured into a plan.

Then, this plan propelled us into building a world-class team.

Then, the team sprang into action and started working on an actual prototype.

With all this progress, we knew it's not too early to incorporate. So we went ahead and set up our company!

Our startup is now legally called Animatr AI Video Platform Inc. We're a Canadian federally incorporated company with a HQ in Toronto, Ontario.

Our address is 3080 Yonge Street. Did you know? Yonge Street is a mind-blowing 1178 miles long. Yonge Street is, in fact, the longest street in the world. And we have our address here!

As two out of the three co-founders are Canadian Permanent Residents, our company is also deemed as a "Canadian Controlled Private Corporation".

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