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All you have to do is chatting about your idea about a new 10 seconds long video. Animatr will transform your chat into a rich animated video with voice over, within minutes. Choose from 6 languages for the voice over, generated by AI.

Great for social media, digital marketing, promotions, e-learning and training or repurposing old blogposts!


Prompt-Free Chat Animation
September 25, 2023

Start Chatting in app: Begin a conversation with the app on the topic of your choice, and let your creativity flow. The app will guide you through the process without the need for prompts.

Multilingual Experience
September 25, 2023

Multilingual voice over is powered by AI, this means generates elaborated voice over texts and save you time and effort when you make the narration of your new video.

Introducing's Game-Changing Product Update
September 25, 2023

Our latest product update introduces 10-second long videos, multilingual voice over, and prompt-free chat animation, revolutionizing the animation process and making creative storytelling more accessible than ever before.

Imaginative responses to your prompts
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Turn any text based content into enchanting animation with voice over in 6 languages!
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