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You can start with new or pre-existing text. Animatr will transform it into a rich, multimedia video in multiple languages, within minutes.

Great for social media, digital marketing, promotions, e-learning and training or repurposing old blogposts!


Animatr.ai News

AC Studio is working with Animatr!
February 3, 2023

The Waterloo-based AC Studio is Canada's largest full-stack accelerator hub. After a competitive application process, AC Studio selected Animatr.ai to be a member of the program among one hundred other high-impact Canadian tech startups.

We're heading to Collision!
May 27, 2022

Collision Conference is North America's fastest-growing tech conference. Collision brings together Fortune 500 companies, startups, innovators, investors, and all kinds of thought leaders in Toronto.

It's done: we incorporated!
May 27, 2022

With all our progress, we knew it's not too early to incorporate. So we went ahead and set up our company! We are now a Canadian federally incorporated company with a HQ in Toronto, Ontario. Our address is on Yonge Street, which is officially the longest street in the world!

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