How to use
Do you need an animated video? Think about the details you would like to show before you enter the chat. Let's say you want a 10 sec long book trailer. Think of the 3 most important scenes you want to show in this video, as it makes 3 scenes on 10 seconds. Describe the scenes based on the book.
Who or what do we see in the video? Describe all the details you can imagine: the face, the facial expression, the clothes, the background.
The app will ask you about the animation style you prefer, as well as the mood and the camera angle you prefer to have.
The more details you describe, the better the result will get!

Your input text should  be in English, however you can choose to get your video's voice over in six different languages by clicking on the "choose language" button.

There will be some trial and error as you start using this technology. This is an artistic process that is about discovery and exploration, not just end result.  That's why we give you 3 free credits, so you can experience the process and make at least one video you are proud enough to share!
Once you are done with the chat and click on create video, it will take about 10 minutes to get your video link into your mailbox.

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