Tutorial — How to use Animatr.ai
Imagine you instruct a 🤖 to create a video for you! There is a special way to instruct this 🤖, so that it delivers the best possible video. Each sentence indicates a new scene or a new imagery. Enter minimum three, maximum six sentences. Now prepare for formulating your sentences! The more detail you put in a sentence, the more control you have over the images you will see in the sequence. Think about your words as the building blocks of your video! You build sentences with words and just like that you build video scenes with sentences. Remember, each sentence is a scene or a stage with unique imagery. You divide scenes by sentences. 

Your input text should  be in English, however you can choose to get your video in six different languages by clicking on the "choose language" button.
When you begin describing your video in the Animatr app, think through what kind of video you want:
- What is the message you want to get through verbally and visually?
- What is the purpose of the video?What is the mood of the video?
- What is the setting of your video?
- What is the style of the setting?
- What or who is seen in the video?
- Describe how the items/person look like, use many adjectives for hair and skin color, texture, size, style. 
- What kind of background you imagine for each scene?

There will be some trial and error as you start using this technology. This is an artistic process that is about discovery and exploration, not just end result.  This is why we give our users  free credits, so you can experience the process and make at least one video you are proud enough to share!
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